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Frequently Asked Questions

When do VCRT Ride?

Having members from around the globe, you will nearly always find someone from the club riding around in the Zwift world. 

The club is at its most active over winter between the months of October and May. 

We are active across the board when it comes to races, but there is a focus on: 

  • TFC Mad Mondays (Mon)

  • Zwift Racing League (Tues)

  • VCRT Club Events (Wed)

  • WTRL TTT (Thur)

  • VCRT Sunday Racing league (Sun)

What does it cost to join and participate in the VCRT Club?

Joining VCRT is completely free! 

There are no hidden fees or costs to riding amongst the team.

From time to time there may be some optional fun events where some casual "betting" may be offered or charitable events organised to raise funds. 

How do I Join VCRT?

Head to the "Join Us" page and enter the form to leave us all your details. We will contact you and invite you to our ZwiftPower team and provide you with a Discord channel invite. 

Alternatively, contact one of the team directly on here, in-game or on Social media and we can help you setup. 

What type of communications do you use?

We primarily use discord and Email as our main form of communications. All events are currently organised through discord along with voice chat during live races. 

We also own a Facebook and Youtube page where we can often be seen uploading exciting videos of the team. 

How do I get hold of the VCRT Jersey in-Game?

We use the GOFREESPEED jersey in-game as our chosen VCRT kit. 

To obtain this, whilst in-game, press " P " and then enter " GOFREESPEED ". You should then be alerted to having obtained the GOFREESPEED Jersey. Go to your inventory, equip it and you are ready to carry the VCRT jersey throughout your ZWIFT racing and training.

Who is best to contact about any questions related to VCRT?

Please feel free to leave a question on the "Contact Us" page of the website, leave a message in the chat or contact us in game. You can also find us on Facebook and discord.

What Training equipment do I need to join in on the VCRT activities?

All Zwift riders require a turbo trainer dumb or smart. 

If you are looking to race along side the VCRT members, you would require a approved "smart" trainer with resistance control. This is so that you are able to obtain full points in the racing leagues. 

Most races also require zwift riders to use a Heart Rate Monitor. This is to ensure fair riding. 

Finally, having discord on a mobile, tablet or laptop is highly recommended. It allows much better communication between riders whilst racing. 

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