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VCRT Cycling Clothing

Official Vicious Cycling Racing Team Gear

Find all of our favorite VCRT exclusive clothing .

The shop opens at various times during the year. Check out the VCRT discord and PRIMAL shop website when its LIVE.

Merchandise: Text
Merchandise: Pro Gallery

3D Printed Merchandise

Club member Andy Perrin offers you access to his collection of 3D printed Cycling accessories

Merchandise: Merchandise
Screenshot 2022-02-26 150806.jpg

VCRT door sign/plaque

£7 + P&P

Mount this to your pain cave to show of your VCRT pride!

Approx. size 12x10 cm 

3D Printed Apple 4th gen wall mount

£5 + P&P

Mounted to wall with 3 screws, neatly holds Apple hub on wall.

Screenshot 2022-02-26 151236.jpg
Screenshot 2022-02-26 151957.jpg

HR spare battery storage

£3 + P&P

Store your HRM batteries with this specifically designed battery holder

3D printed Alexa Echo 3rd Gen wall mount

£10 + P&P

Neatly mount your Alexa Echo with this compact mount.

Screenshot 2022-02-26 151622.jpg
Screenshot 2022-02-26 152233.jpg

3D printed Cycle Shoe wall mount

£10 + P&P

Organise your cycling equipment with these wall mounts for your cycling shoes. Should fit most shoes. Only available in Orange.

3D printed Helmet wall hooks

£5 + P&P

Organise your cycling equipment with these wall mounts hooks for your helmets and bags. Should fit most helmets. Only available in Orange.

Screenshot 2022-02-26 152253.jpg
Screenshot 2022-02-26 152310.jpg

3D Printed Custom door signs

Ask for estimate

Wanting a custom door sign you bling up your pain cave? Ask Andy whats possible.

3D printed Wheel wall hooks

£10 + P&P

Looking to save space, wanting to hang your bike on the wall, use these 3D printed wheel mounts.

Screenshot 2022-02-26 152437.jpg
Screenshot 2022-02-26 153347.jpg

VCRT Key Storage

£2.50 + P&P

Stylish key holder, which can hold up to 6 keys. Personalise your own, talk to Andy to see whats possible.

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