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Welcome to the VCRT CUP, find all race details and sign up links below. To view the weekly results, click on the button below.

VCRT Cup Event Details: Text

Vicious Cycle Race Team Cup

Vicious Cycle Race Team (VCRT) is an established e-racing team, formed to bring together likeminded Zwift racers. We enjoy e-racing and like to win, but we also use it as a tool to boost our real-world performance whilst having fun. We take pride in honest racing and take transparency seriously.

We are pleased to bring you the VCRT Cup series. We have designed a 5-week series (every Wednesday in March) that will challenge every racer along the way. Featuring Zwift’s most exciting worlds and courses, we are bringing a fair and challenging series to all divisions. Is battling for the GC not your cup of tea, you can try to go for a stage win!  While the weather is still lousy, grab a fan and join us inside from your pain cave for the most exciting racing series that Zwift has ever seen! The total points of your 4 best individual races will count towards a General Classification. Full details on the rules and scoring for the races can be found on

VCRT Cup Event Details: Text


Series standings will be totaled for each separate mixed-race category. The individual points per event will be totaled towards a General Classification.


Points will be distributed in the following manner: 

FAL & FTS Prime points 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

Finish line points: 50,40,30,20,18,16,14,13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

Each race has a MAXIMUM of 70 points total per rider (minimum of zero)

FAL and FTS details can be found in each race description above

League Scoring: 

Overall FTS/FAL points will be added up to find stage ranking for each race.

Points will be distributed as follows across the top 20 GC riders. 


All other riders below 20th will earn 1pts / race.

Only the top 4 races for each rider will count towards the GC. 


All racers must race in an appropriate w/kg category, as calculated by Zwift Power. Racers may choose to race in a higher category if desired (i.e., a B racer may not enter the C race, but a B racer may enter the A race). If you are new to Zwift racing and unsure of what category to enter, your FTP is a good starting point. w/kg categories for this series are as follows (Women should race based on their mixed category):

Mixed Gender w/kg Categories

A 4.0 + w/kg and 250w FTP

B 3.2 – 3.99 w/kg and 200w FTP

C 2.5 – 3.19 w/kg and 150w FTP

D 1 – 2.49 w/kg

If a racer’s w/kg category is upgraded by Zwift Power mid-series, they must race in the upgraded w/kg category for the remainder of the series. If this happens, series points will not transfer. Any rider who exceeds category limits in a race will also be disqualified on Zwift Power and receive no points for that race. VCRT recommends that riders race up a category if they think a mid-series upgrade is possible. We are also aware that some racers may have newly created Zwift Power accounts or have no currently defined category, in this instance we recommend racers to complete at least one max effort Zwift race (longer than 20 min) before entering the series.

For more information on how Zwift Power determines w/kg categories, check out this link:


All racers must be fully registered at to be included in series standings. Fair play and transparency is one of the cornerstones that VCRT was built upon, hence a power meter and heart rate monitor are required to participate in this series. Racers without a true power source (zpower) or without a heart rate monitor will be removed from podiums. If you have a power meter/smart trainer, be sure to calibrate regularly as instructed by the manufacturer. Accurate data is crucial for the promotion of fair Zwift racing.


We are super excited to finally offer our very own zwift event to our club members and the broad Zwift community. We hope that this is just the start to a long successful virtual chapter of more racing in the future.

Please remember that these events are free to racers and are organized on pure volunteer hours. We have considered member input when designing this series, but some things are beyond our control. Additionally, we assume that there will be some hiccups along the way, so we ask for your patience when issues do pop up. We will always do the best that we can to resolve situations.

Thank you for racing with us on Zwift and we hope you have fun while pushing your limits!

VCRT Cup Event Details: Text
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